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Tipping can be a sensitive subject for many.  Some feel that once they have paid for their meals their financial obligation has been met.  They see tipping as giving money away.   My mother worked her way through college by waiting tables and cleaning hotel rooms.  I learned […]

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Helping you connect: Business Cards

Your business card is a reflection of you and the brand you represent.  Regardless of the title on the card every business card should be treated with respect. There is etiquette for presenting and receiving business cards.  Professional etiquette covers every aspect of the business environment.  There […]

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How to Shine at the Company Picnic

Often work activities take place, away from brick and mortar buildings. The company sponsored picnic is a business event. Workplace etiquette still applies. The company picnic is not just a chance to eat and show your sport prowess. It should be treated as a work event.  Nowhere […]

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Do you know Robert?

You should. If you are member of any organization that holds meetings you should familiarize yourself with Robert’s Rules of Order. Robert’s Rules of Order, is the bible of parliamentary procedure.  The principles and procedures and that are applied to meetings are formally called parliamentary procedure.  These […]

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Along with the bride and groom, and the venue your invitations are one of the most important parts of your wedding planning.  Your invitation will set the tone and style of your wedding.  The invitation should reflect the degree of formality of your wedding. Your invitation should […]

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What’s my name?

Nothing is sweeter than the sound of our names.  Nothing is more embarrassing than forgetting the name of someone whom you have just met. People feel recognized when you remember their name.  A person’s name is the most important word to them.  It is directly tied to […]

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Preparing young people to become responsible, productive citizens is an awesome task. Genetics, environment, and society all have input toward the end result, but as parents and caregivers our duties are endless. The responsibility we bear is twofold: we have children whom we love, nurture, and indulge; […]

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The Handshake

Fist bumps, elbow locks, air kisses and hugs will never replace the handshake.  The handshake is still the most universally accepted form of greeting.  Of course, there are some instances where you wouldn’t shake hands, such as meeting the Queen, or the Pope. The practice of shaking […]

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Business Cards

Your business card is your silent partner, an integral part of your business. How you choose to distribute them is key to developing and maintaining relationships. Your card is a reflection of you and the values you represent, including trustworthiness, credibility, and honesty. However, your business card […]

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Practicing inclusion is easy when you learn how to introduce yourself and others. Imagine a world where no one knew anyone’s name. How would we identify ourselves? Walking up to someone and introducing yourself can be a mini trauma for most of us. Our self-doubt kicks in […]

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