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Young People Face Many Challenges

Today’s young people face many challenges. Parents sacrifice money, time, and energy to ensure that their children are prepared for life with quality education and experiences. Yet in our haste for better education, successful careers, and social prominence, we have neglected the skills that are prerequisite for any success in our society. Technology has created social shortcuts, which will damage young people’s ability to navigate society. Text messages, Twitter, and Facebook have hampered the ability to communicate successfully.

Social acumen is a skill that has been overlooked in our quest for greatness. Despite technology and the advances it has brought, good social etiquette will always prevail.

We must convey to young people the importance of their conduct. Ultimately, they will be judged in society by their conduct. Young people must be taught that their world may extend beyond their family or neighborhood of origin. They must be prepared to encounter the world on the social guidelines that have already been set. We must push them beyond their comfort level. We have to engage them in learning etiquette and understanding the value it will bring to their personal and professional lives.

Telling our youth to “just be themselves” puts them at a disadvantage. They may not be prepared for the life that we know awaits them. It is our responsibility as parents, caregivers, and mentors to ensure that our young people understand the purpose and value of good etiquette.

Good etiquette provides preparations for any social or professional encounter. We must arm our young people with the communication and dining skills that will allow them to move confidently throughout society.

  • Good etiquette is classless.
  • Good etiquette is global.
  • Good etiquette is preparation.
  • Good etiquette builds confidence and self-esteem.

Make good etiquette your weapon of choice.

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Laws control the lesser man, right conduct controls the greater. - Mark Twain