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Business Cards

Your business card is your silent partner, an integral part of your business. How you choose to distribute them is key to developing and maintaining relationships. Your card is a reflection of you and the values you represent, including trustworthiness, credibility, and honesty. However, your business card is not like air; not everyone needs it or wants it. That is why you must distribute your business card thoughtfully. Thoughtful distribution will enable you to make more connections. Connections turn into relationships, and relationships bring business.

Make sure your card is in excellent condition.
Your card should be well designed and printed on quality card stock. It should reflect class and attention to detail. Don’t be cheap when purchasing your business cards, as they are your frontline marketing tool.

Your card needs to represent you in the best possible light. The information presented should be up-to-date. Your cards should not be torn, dirty, or bent; keep them in a business card holder, where they will remain clean and retain their shape. You may also put business cards you acquire in the same case, but separated. You never want to make the mistake of presenting someone else’s card unintentionally. Avoid passing out cards that aren’t in pristine condition; use a piece of paper instead.

Look at the card when presented to you.
When receiving a business card, accept it with your right thumb and forefinger. Take the time to read the information on the card. Comment on the card; mention the logo or color. Don’t just drop the card into your jacket or purse. A business card is an extension of the giver, so handle it with care. Follow up with a short email, phone call, or handwritten note, if warranted.

Pass your cards with discretion.
Always ask if you may give someone your business card, as randomly handing them out is not doing good business. Never ask a person of higher position for their business card. Business card etiquette calls for them to offer their cards first. If they want yours, they will ask.

How a business card is presented, acknowledged, and placed is very important.

Understanding the etiquette and importance of business cards can give you a significant advantage in this frequent practice.


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Etiquette is the fine tuning of education. - Nadine Daher